CB is from rural southern Georgia and is far from the typical “dot com” guy. As the East Cost Editor of TechCrunch puts it, CB is “fiery” and persistently follows through with any task at hand – regardless of the challenges.

At 16 years old, CB began building residential homes in southern Georgia and then joined the US Army. He then started his own construction/contracting company following the military while working towards his education at Kennesaw State University. Throughout the beginning of his professional career, CB filled in the cracks along the way with various odd jobs here and there. This led to the strength of being well rounded and exposed to pretty much anything very early on.

The next chapter came when CB began working as an Account Executive on behalf of BellSouth, Inc. in the small to medium sized business division. He went on to earn his place at the top of sales very quickly. After the buyout of BellSouth® by AT&T®, CB began a consulting company serving small to medium business.

Fast forward a few years, CB became partners in a local asset management company that was all but failing. The company grew from just one client serving metro Atlanta to twelve clients and covering twenty-three states, increasing revenues over 184% in just three months. CB later sold his share of the company and began consulting again.

In 2012, CB founded a start-up dot com called  koopedia™. The company found some success early on, but the fight was quite difficult and perseverance and grit proved to overcome.

Since beginning his career in technology he has been featured in many top level publications such as TechCrunch, San Francisco Chronicle, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Fast Company,  and Forbes for various contributions to tech as a whole as well as his own endeavors. CB brings more than a high level of understanding and execution of programming. His method of including the bigger picture and an overall digital strategy has proved to inform the very core of a client’s business model from time to time. With a rare combination of technical know-how and a business savvy intellect, CB has fundamentally improved the digital strategy and assets for companies of all levels from startup to enterprise.

CB is highly trained and credentialed as an Apple developer, Android developer, web application engineer, and WordPress expert with over a decade of successful experience. He is a lover of the outdoors, great food, music and anything that challenges the talents and grit of people.