Process Drives All

Processes make things possible. This is true anywhere in life, but especially so in business. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Without a process, there’s nothing to measure. 

About CB

After his service in the United States Army, CB began his professional career at BellSouth, now AT&T, as a B2B Account Executive and quickly advanced to management. He left BellSouth to begin a digital consulting agency in Atlanta, GA. Throughout the years clients included Adobe Systems, United States Army, Taco Bell (YUM! Brands), Hewlett-Packard, Association for Contract Textiles, Benson Integrated Marketing, Mohawk, Coro Realty, Grant Design Collaborative, Decca Ltd., Georgia-Pacific, Russ Harrington, and more. Sales and marketing were CB’s first passion, but technology quickly became an equal. He focused on mastering the two early on and the combination proved to be very powerful.

Since beginning his career in technology he has been featured in many top level publications such as TechCrunch, San Francisco Chronicle, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fast Company, SFGate and Forbes for various contributions to tech as a whole as well as his own endeavors. CB brings more than a high level of understanding and execution of programming and analytics. His method of including the bigger business picture and overall strategy has proved to inform the very core of a client’s business model. With a rare combination of technical know-how and a business savvy intellect, CB has fundamentally improved companies of all levels – from startup to enterprise.

CB is highly trained and credentialed with over 17 years of successful experience. He is a lover of the outdoors, great food, music and anything that challenges the talents and grit of people.

CB is currently Vice President of Operations at Brightwater Consulting, LLC in Atlanta.

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I’m very happy to announce that I’ve accepted the position of Vice President of Operations for Brightwater Consulting, a business intelligence and IT consulting company in Atlanta. I’m looking forward to the challenge and being a member of an already fantastic team led by Dan ricks, CEO and Founder. I will be mainly responsible for

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